Critical Update - Athlete Requirements

All of these are necessary for both new and returning shooters


Here they are:

  1. Fill out all forms – go to

Note: these may seem like a lot, but the key is to sit down and knock these out.  Many you can do on your own (with your parents).  With one you will need a physician/physical.

    1. “Electronic & Participation Forms” tab

      1. Medical History

      2. Parental Consent & Athletic Code of Conduct

      3. GHSA Concussion Awareness

      4. Alternative Transportation Liability Form

      5. Media Release Form

      6. Insurance Information

Note:  if you don’t have health insurance you can buy very cheap ins. (as low as $18/yr) from

    1. “Download and Print”

This is the one you need a physical for (any local “Doc. in the box” will do – e.g. – Kroger’s “The Little Clinic”)

      1. Physical Examination Form

  1. Have passed 5 out of 6 courses last semester and be on track to graduate.  Check with your guidance counselor if you have any questions.  The athletic department will give us a final OK on this.

  1. Pay dues = $400.00

Bring check to practice.  This is critical since with each new team there are many items that need to be purchased for you to have what you need to participate.

  1. Attend every practice

    1. This is the first “F” to be a success




    1. We will help you work out your schedule, but understand practices increase to 5/week by Nov/Dec and run through the end of February or mid-March for post-season (not including holidays).

  1. Check out book Rifle Steps to Success from Aysha (team manager) or one of the coaches.  

We will all be reading this together.

  1. Keep up-to-date on everything via our website,

            Aysha, our team manager, will also work with you on setting up our other forms of team contact.